Have you ever thought about how God has uniquely designed you to be evangelistic? Being evangelistic is in your spiritual DNA and God wants to take you on a journey to discover it.

When God put ‘Christ in us’ (Colossians 1:27) he did this so that he could reveal his son Jesus to people around us (Galatians 1:15-16). Imagine that! God wants to reveal Jesus through you to the people around you.

You are unique!
How We have all been “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14 NIV). God has not made anyone like you. In the entire history of the human race, there will never be another person like you. Your uniqueness deserves to be celebrated. Your combination of the way you look, personality, gifts and abilities make you unique.

You uniquely demonstrate something of God’s love and character in a way that no one else can. Being evangelistic is part of your identity; you will express this differently to how other people do. Your evangelistic strength will be linked to your other strengths; it is not separate to the rest of you.

When God designed you, it included how he would reveal his son through you.

Maria’s story
Maria attended our Developing a Supernatural Evangelistic Lifestyle (DASEL) course. This is her story.

When I asked God how he had uniquely designed me to be evangelistic, he spoke to me about how he had designed me to flow evangelistically out of intimacy and dance to a rhythm of his heartbeat. This impacted me because I love dancing.

God also set me free from a lie I believed about my ability to do evangelism many years earlier when I was a student at university. During a university mission, I was the only student in my friendship group not to see someone become a Christian. Following this experience, I believed I was no good at evangelism, which I now know not to be true.

I am now free to be myself in evangelistic situations and I am starting to recognise the moments where God is inviting me to partner with him in his dream to reconcile the world to himself.

What is your story?
How has God uniquely designed you to be evangelistic so he can reveal his son through you? Why not ask him now and listen to what he says? What did you hear? Did it amaze, surprise, or encourage you?

God wants to invite you into an adventurous evangelistic lifestyle and reveal his son to people around you, using your unique evangelistic strength. Being yourself is the best way to be evangelistic and the best way for God to flow through you.