Do you want to learn how to introduce people to Jesus and his Kingdom in your everyday life?

Developing a Supernatural Evangelistic Lifestyle (DASEL) is designed to help you achieve that.

The 7-week course will help you discover your evangelistic identity and get free from fear and any previous negative experiences of evangelism.

For those that already have evangelistic momentum, this course will help you go further and increase the supernatural activity of God in your life.

Based on our book God’s Dream, this course will help you develop an evangelistic lifestyle, positively impacting unbelievers around you. The course includes teaching, discussion and activations.

Testimonies from DASEL students:

“God set me free from a lie I believed about my ability to do evangelism, I am now free to be myself in evangelistic situations.”

“After overcoming my fear there was no going back. “

“I realised that I could be supernaturally natural every day, every week for the rest of my life.”


Mark and Fiona Gilpin provide the opportunity to run the course at churches in the UK and abroad either as a weekend conference or online over consecutive weeks.

To register your interest in a DASEL Course please contact us.