About Us

We empower and equip people to discover how to partner with God to reach the people he loves. We show them how this can be a natural part of who they are and how God works in their everyday lives.

Mark Gilpin

Mark loves to bring the reality of the kingdom of Jesus to people. He is an author and evangelist who teaches people how easy evangelism becomes when we understand how to partner with God as his children.

Fiona Gilpin

Fiona loves to help people enjoy evangelism. She is an author and evangelist who helps people overcome fear and negative experiences of evangelism. She takes people on a journey to confidently share their faith.


Mark and Fiona Gilpin help lead evangelism at Eastgate Church in North Kent, UK. They teach at the Eastgate School of Spiritual Life (ESSL) and run the DASEL course, which helps churches and individuals to develop an evangelistic culture and lifestyle.